Fungi Nail Reviews: Does Fungi Nail Really Work?

People are more prone than ever to seek over the counter treatment options for common ailments. If you too are dealing with a nail fungus, you want to know quickly which products are effective and which are nothing more than a pipe dream in a bottle. We bring you here our findings about a popular OTC solution called “Fungi Nail”. We took an in depth look at this product and read many Fungi Nail reviews online to answer the most commonly asked questions:“What is Fungi Nail?” and “Does Fungi Nail really work?” Read on to get answers.

Fungi Nail Reviews

What type of nail fungus do you have?

First, let’s take a look at nail fungus, what it is, how you get it and most importantly, how to treat it.

Nail fungus can occur on the hands or feet, but is most common in toe nails. Fungi are very fond of dark damp places, such as the inside of your shoes. There are several types of fungi that attack the nails. These include but are not limited to:

DLSO – Distal Lateral Subungal Onychomycosis: this is the most common type of toenail fungus and is caused by the same fungi that causes athletes foot. It commonly begins at the end of the nail bed and works itself deeper over time.

Proximal Subungal Onychomycosis – PSO is caused by the same fungi as DLSO, but it attacks the nail bed at the base of the nail. This can result in thickening skin and eventual separation from the toe.

White Superficial Onychomycosis – WSO is the second most common nail fungus after DLSO. Unlike the former two fungi, this one attacks the nail plate and causes a white flaky substance on the surface of the nail. WSO rarely results in nail loss.

Fungi such as these get into your nail bed (except for WSO) through tiny cracks or fissures in your nail or the area around your nails. Unfortunately, this is not an infection that will clear up on its own but since prescription route is pretty expensive and has scary side effects, many people turn to over the counter options such as fungi nail. The only question remaining is does Fungi Nail actually work?

Who stands behind Fungi Nail?

How can you assess a product you have never used before? One great way to get an idea of the overall product quality is by looking at the company behind it. Fungi Nail is a well-known product line presented by Kramer Laboratories. What do we know about this company? Well, for starters, it has been around since 1983 but was started by a man well versed in consumer products, particularly those in the pharmaceutical field. You see, the company was started by one Guido Mendoza who came to America in 1960 and utilized his vast experience to supply local Hispanic MDs in the Miami area. Soon, his products were so well known that independent pharmacies were making room for them on the shelves.

What does this tell you about the quality of Fungi Nail? It is backed by a company with a long history in the industry!

Main Ingredients in Fungi Nail

The next thing you want to look at in a product you have never used before is the ingredient list. What exactly are you putting on your body? Fungi Nail contains:

Undecylenic Acid – a well-known treatment option for a variety of fungus, including nail fungus and jock itch. Side effects are few but can range from mild irritation to swelling of the treated area. If you should notice a severe reaction, do not wait to seek medical attention.

Isopropyl Palmitate – palm based emollient that comes from coconut oil. It is a commonly used thickening agent found in a wide variety of products such as sun screen, various ointments and conditioners. The worse side effect attributed to this particular ingredient is blocked pores and blackheads.

How To Use Fungi Nail?

Now that we have established the product comes from a reputable company and doesn’t contain wild or crazy ingredients, it is important to understand how to properly use the product for optimum effect.

Fungi nail could not be easier to use, you simply must:

  • Thoroughly clean the area with soap and water. You can use a soft nail brush if you like but it is not absolutely required.
  • Trim your toe nails by cutting straight across and then rounding them slightly at the tips.
  • Apply Fungi Nail to the area under the nail and at your cuticles.

Does Fungi Nail Really Work and How Long?

The most frustrating part of using this product, or any other medication for nail fungus, is the length of time required. According to the manufacturer, Fungi nail should start showing positive results in just four weeks if used as directed. However, it is not uncommon for fungus treatments to need 2 to 6 months or even longer to be completely effective.

What do real people have to say about Fungi Nail? Online customer Fungi Nail reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The main issue for those who were not 100% happy was the amount of time it took to see results.

NOTE: We would like to point out that most, if not all, medical professionals will tell you even prescription treatments can take months to show results.


  • Easily accessible over the counter medication
  • Reasonable retail price nearly anyone can afford
  • Simple to use
  • Few to no side effects
  • Results comparable to higher end prescription ointments


  • No Personal follow up care like EmoniNail treatment
  • Treatment time can be extensive
  • Usually have to buy several bottles
  • Sold only in the United States

Is Fungi Nail the Best Treatment Out There?

Fungi Nail is a topical solution that is applied directly on the infected nail. It is used to penetrate the nail plate and to kill the fungus under the nail. This is an essential part of any toenail fungus treatment that Fungi Nail is supposed to do.

A better topical solution that does an awesome job to kill the fungus directly in the nail bed is EmoniNail. This treatment is more expensive than Fungi Nail but it is well worth the investment.

Click here to learn more about EmoniNail

Emoninail for toenail fungus

Is It Enough?

Killing the fungus from the outside in with a topical solution is essential but in many cases, this is not enough. What most people affected by toenail fungus don’t know is that they should also address the problem from the inside out.

Addressing toenail fungus from the inside out means detoxing your body and consuming healthy food to make your immune system stronger. A strong immune system will speed any treatment you take. It will also help you prevent the fungus to recur.

Easy steps to make your immune system stronger include:

  • Drinking a lot of water to detox your body
  • Eating quality probiotics to restore a healthy gut flora
  • Consuming as little sugar as possible to get the fungus starving
  • Strengthening your immune system with superfoods like broccoli, spinach, garlic, avocado, kale and more.

A convenient solution to give your body all the healthy nutrients it needs is drinking a superfood drink every day. You don’t need to waste time (and money) buying and preparing all the superfoods you need but still can enjoy all their benefits with a daily drink that takes only ten seconds to prepare.

The best superfood drink that we recommend for boosting your immune system is Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood. This is a natural superfood formula that provides probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, herbs, and minerals. It will make you feel younger, full of energy all day, and vitalized to face unwanted bacteria and fungus in your body.

Mega Nutrition Super Food

Fungi Nail Reviews Verdict

Is this the right treatment for you? After reading many Fungi Nail reviews and looking at the product itself we consider it to be a valid OTC treatment option to get rid of this embarrassing condition. If you decide to give it a try you can easily obtain it online via Amazon.

A powerful alternative to Fungi Nail is EmoniNail. We consider EmoniNail to be a better option to get rid of toenail fungus once and for all.

As a complement to any topical solution we advise to address the internal factors responsible for a week immune system that has a hard time fighting toenail fungus from the inside out. We recommend Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood to vitalize your body naturally and conveniently.

We hope that you found the above Fungi Nail reviews useful. To go further we recommend exploring all your options so you invest your time and efforts wisely in a treatment that has the best chances to address the cause of your nail fungus problem and not only its symptoms.

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